Connecting to your server with Gandi AI

Connection as admin

1. Via Gandi's website

When you log in to your Gandi account, you are already connecting to your server as administrator.

You have access to all your servers and may manage your packages via the Gandi interface.

2. Via a terminal

Open a terminal and use the following command to access your server as admin :

ssh admin@

Replace with the IP address of your server, of course.

The password is the one you specified when you first created your server.

Macintosh and Linux users, you may use the terminal that comes with your system. Windows users, you will need to install, configure, and use a third-party terminal application such as “PuTTy”.

Connection via a graphic-based FTP program

To connect via a graphic-based FTP client, simply use a program such as FileZilla.

You will be asked for your username and password. The username is admin, and the password is the password that you provided when you created your server.

Be sure to connect with “passive mode”.

Connection via emergency console

This is not possible in AI mode; see “Connection as root” below.

Connection as root

By default, you do not have “root” access to your server when you use Gandi AI to create your server.

This being said, if during the course of using your server, you need access to your server as root, and if you are an experienced server administrator, you can permanently deactivate Gandi AI for your server and obtain root access.

WARNING! If you activate root access, you will never be able to recover the management of your server by Gandi AI! From that point onward, all management of your server must be done manually by you.

See root-activation

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