Installing applications

This page is intended to summarize the general process of installing applications on Gandi hosting products.

We have many installation tutorials available, but you may want to install an application we don't have a tutorial for. Since most installations follow the same general steps, this page should help you get started.

The basic process

The vast majority of applications which can be run from a Simple Hosting instance or a VPS require some or all of the following steps (assuming you already have a domain name and sufficient hosting resources):

  1. Creating a virtual host corresponding to the web address where you want the website to be located
  2. Updating the domain's zone file (if necessary)
  3. Downloading an archive of the application's installation files
  4. Decompressing the archive on your own computer
  5. Uploading the decompressed files to a virtual host directory (via sFTP, FTP, scp, etc)
  6. Adjusting folder and file permissions (if necessary)
  7. Creating a database (if necessary)
  8. Running the installation script from a web browser
  9. Security cleanup
    • Readjusting permissions
    • Deleting installation script
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