Installing MediaWiki with Gandi Simple Hosting

This tutorial covers installing MediaWiki wiki on a Gandi Simple Hosting Instance

Create a database

MediaWiki requires a database, and you will be asked for your database login information during installation.

Please refer to this page on how to create a MySQLdatabase before proceeding.

Download the MediaWiki install

The first step is to download the latest version from the the official site (we are using version 1.21.1 for this tutorial).

Once the download has finished, decompress the file.

Uploading the files

Next, you will upload the contents of the directory (not the directory itself) to the target directory of your instance.

To install to a subdomain (eg. If you want your wiki to be accessed from, you need to create a virtual host (vhost) called

Once connected via sFTP, you'll upload the DokuWiki files directly into the htdocs/ directory:

To a subdirectory (eg. If you want your wiki to be accessed from, create a virtual host (vhost) called

Once you're connected to your instance via sFTP, you will create a directory called wiki/ within htdocs/, which is where you will upload the files.

Installing MediaWiki

Once your files have been uploaded go to your MediaWiki installation page. Do this by adding the following after the address where you put the files:


For example, if you place your files in the /wiki directory of your vhost, the file will be found at

You will then see the following:

Click on the link to set up the wiki.

You will then follow the online installation process, by filling out the information on the following pages, as they are presented to you in the following order:

  • Language
  • Existing wiki
  • Welcome to MediaWiki!
  • Connect to database
  • Upgrade existing installation
  • Database settings
  • Name
  • Options
  • Install

The only page which may seem confusing is 'Connect to database'. Remember you must enter the values of the database that you created before starting (see above). Here are some tips:

  • Database type: leave MySQL
  • Host: localhost
  • Database name: the name of your database that you created
  • Database table prefix: you can leave empty if you want. Only add something if you use the same database for several sites. This way you can keep them more easily separated.
  • Database username: the username of of the database you created
  • Database password: the password of the username that you created

Then click continue to proceed to the Database settings page (which you can leave as-is, and just click the button to continue).

This completes the installation process at Gandi. The rest is up to you to configure and manage your new MediaWiki.

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