Installing DokuWiki with Gandi Simple Hosting

This tutorial covers installing DokuWiki on a Gandi Simple Hosting Instance.

Installation Steps

Download the DokuWiki install

The first step is to download the compressed version from the official site (we are using the “Angua” version for this tutorial).

Once the download has finished, decompress the file.

Uploading the files

Next, you will upload the contents of the directory (not the directory itself) to the target directory of your instance.

To install to a subdomain (eg. If you want your wiki to be accessed from, you need to create a virtual host (vhost) called

Once connected via sFTP, you'll upload the DokuWiki files directly into the htdocs/ directory:

To a subdirectory (eg. If you want your wiki to be accessed from, create a virtual host (vhost) called

Once you're connected to your instance via sFTP, you will create a directory called wiki/ within htdocs/, which is where you will upload the files.

There is not a lot of data to be transferred (less than 10 Mb), but there are a lot of files (3200) and folders (500) and your client may need to configure permissions on each one.

Configuring DokuWiki

The installation of DokuWiki is simple. Once your files have been uploaded, try browsing to the URL of your install. You should see a page like this (assuming your vhost wasn't just added, in which case the changes to your zone file may not have fully propagated yet):

Next, browse to the installation page found at install.php in the root directory. For example, if you place your files in the wiki/ directory of your vhost, the file will be found at

You can change the language of the installer using the drop-down menu found at the upper right-hand side of the screen.

You may encounter a number of access errors for certain files; this is normal. The installer can't change the permissions on your server.

In order to fix the installation errors, temporarily change the permissions of the conf/ and data/ directories to 700.

Once the permissions have been changed, you will have access to the configuration page.

Complete the initial setup form by choosing a login, name, email address and password for your super-administrator.

Once you've submitted the form, you should receive a confirmation message. Now you can just delete install.php for security purposes. Click the Login button at the bottom to log in, then click the Admin button to begin customizing your new wiki.

You're done! Should you want more information on how to configure your DokuWiki, please visit DokuWiki's official documentation.

Last modified: 06/19/2013 at 14:24 by Ryan A. (Gandi)