Notifications management

You have the possibility of personalizing what types of notifications that Gandi sends you, as well as how we send them to you.

How to activate/deactivate notifications

To chose which notifications we send you, log into your Gandi handle and then go to the Messages tab and click on “Notification management”:

You will then see several tabs from which you can chose:

Each tab will offer you a list of topic-specific notifications that you can either render active or inactive by clicking the corresponding button on the right.

How to change the notification means

When you activate a notification, you have the possibility of choosing how Gandi sends you that notification. Depending on the service, you can currently chose to be notified via:

  • email: we will send you an email to the address(s) you provide
  • IRC: we will send you a message via IRC on the freenode server ( on port 6667)
  • XMPP: we will send you an instant message via Jabber, gtalk etc.
  • SMS: we can send you an instant message to your cell phone number

To chose your notification type, when you click “Active” on the right, you will be presented with the currently available notification means for that notification. Use the dropdown menu to choose the one that you want, and enter your email address, irc nick, XMPP id, or SMS number (in the international format)

You can use the “+” to add additional notification means, and the “x” to remove one of the notifications.

In the example below, I have asked it to notify me by email, and I'm about to add a second notification by IRC:

When you check the button to render a notification inactive, it reinitializes it for that item. If you want to activate it again later, you will need to chose your notification means again.

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