GandiBlog user preferences

In the dashboard, click User preferences. You can use the contextual help buttons before filling in the fields if necessary.

Name or Display name?

If you fill the Display name field, this is the name you will sign your entries with. If not, the entries will be signed with your first and last name.


The user's web site. If set, the author name will be displayed as a link to the said site. If the blog theme you are using supports it, filling this field with the blog's own URL will give your own comments a special presentation, thereby distinguishing your comments from others on your blog.


The language in which one publishes his posts. If the translation exists, the interface will also be displayed in that language. This is also the language for any new entry.


The timezone field allows you to indicate in which timezone you are, and to post entries at the right time, including when traveling.

Enable WYSIWYG mode

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) is a facility which allows those who do not wish to use XHTML to create an entry in a mode that is almost identical to what the entry would look like as a published post.

This mode only exists for XHTML syntax and does not work with all navigators. It can be disabled.

Last modified: 06/23/2012 at 23:11 by Amy B. (Gandi)