GandiBlog FAQ

How can I personalize my blog's template?

There are two ways to personalize your blog's theme.

The easiest method is to go to “blog aspect” (now “Blog's Name”) once you are logged into your blog's admin, and choose the theme “Blowup”. Then “Use Theme”.

Once you have done that, you will see a link on the right-hand side of the page that says “Theme Configuration”. Clicking on that will take you to a page where you can specify all the aspects of your blog's theme, including the banner image.

The second method is only for experts, and requires knowledge of CSS and reading HTML. We have a special page on this here.

How can I change my blog's admin?

You cannot change your blog's admin. It is the same account as the domain name's owner.

You can however add other writers to your blog and give them various levels of admin rights to your blog. To see how to do this, please see this page

When you are setting up your blog, the first step is to set the address of your blog by filling in a text box with a subdomain.

This is usually www or blog. For the sake of this example, we'll say you choose www.

When you do this, our system will automatically add an entry in your domain's zone file to be:

 www 10800 IN CNAME

That's it!

Of course you may want to forward just your domain there (without the www) or even another address so that both go to your blog. To do that you'll need to use our web forwarding service for the one that forwards.

How can I add a metatag in my home page?

You cannot modify the headers of your Gandi Blog home page. You can, however add HTML and Javascript in a “Text” widget, which in turn you can place on your blog's home page. See how to add widgets here.

How can I remove "je suis le premier billet, modifiez moi" ?

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