Comments and trackbacks


You can follow comments and trackbacks on your blog in several ways: by signing up for your own comment RSS feed, by asking for mail notification or by logging on to the comment management interface in your blog's administration zone.

Signing up to the comment RSS feed

You can, just like your visitors, sign up for your own blog's comment RSS feed. If you are a beginner in the matter, you can visit this help page.

Be notified by e-mail

To be notified of every comment posted on your blog, go to the Email notification section in your user preferences.

  • never : no notification
  • my entries : an e-mail is sent for each new comment on an entry you have written
  • all entries : an e-mail is sent for each new comment on the blog.

You must provide a valid e-mail address in your preferences for the notification to be active


If you have allowed comments and trackbacks in your blog settings, you can edit these on a specific entry by clicking the Comments tab or by displaying the general comments management space, which can be reached by clicking the number of comments from the dashboard or by choosing the Comments item in the Blog section of the left-hand administration menu.

Comments and trackbacks list

Comments are listed in anti chronological order (most recent on top).

Each line, preceded by a tickable box in order to select the comments upon which we want to act, offers different informations: the title of the entry to which it refers (clickable link to access its editing interface), date of publication (with link to visualize all comments published to date), type (comment or trackback, publication status (symbolized by an icon).

The symbol at the beginning of each line allows you to deploy the comment so as to read it fully within the panel.

Sorting filters

The top part of the page is made up of a zone allowing you to sort the comments displayed in the list: the Filters link gives you access to different criteria, enabling you to display the specific selection you are interested in. If you are unsure, contextual help is available by clicking the little question marks by each field.

"Bulk" modification

By selecting the comments upon which you wish to act, you can then choose an action (if your rights enable you to) from the scrolling menu located at the bottom of the list:

  • publish : put/re-put online
  • unpublish : puts comment offline
  • mark as pending : default status for comments if you have chosen to moderate them
  • mark as junk : considered to be spam
  • delete : deletes commment

Last modified: 03/05/2008 at 10:55 by Elliott F. (Gandi)