In the left-hand administration menu, click the Categories link located in the Blog section.

Create a category

Choose the title you wish to give your category and click Create a new category. If you had already created some, the new one will appear at the bottom of the list.

Now that the category is created, you can edit it to complete its content.

Edit a category

In the categories list, click the name of the one you wish to edit or modify.

The Title field enables you to modify its name.

The URL field can be unlocked if you want. By default, the URL is built as a chain of characters separated by dashes, if the category name contains several words.

By emptying it totally, Dotclear will rebuild the URL according to the default criteria once the category is saved.

The content of the category description will be displayed under its title when the visitors reach a category's page. The description can contain all kinds of rich text and uses XHTML syntax.

You can then submit your modification by clicking Save.

Delete a category

From the categories list, tick the box to the left on the line of the category you wish to delete, and click the Delete selected categories button.

For safety reasons, this action can only be performed on categories which do not contain any entry. You must therefore delete the entries or reattribute them to other categories before you delete a category.

Organize the categories list

The little icon to the left of each line in the list of categories allows you to drag-and-drop categories and sort them at your convenience. To submit your order, click the Save order button.

If javascript has been disactivated in your browser, a field of numbers will appear instead of the 'moving' icon. Type in a new set of values and submit by clicking the Save order button.

Last modified: 03/05/2008 at 11:05 by Elliott F. (Gandi)