First steps

Creating your GandiBlog

  1. Log in to your Gandi control panel (the “My account” link at the upper right of every page after logging in)
  2. Click on the domain name you want the blog to be linked to
  3. On the right-hand side, you will see “GandiBlog: None” - click the link next to it that says “Create.”
  4. On the following screen, decide on a subdomain for your blog (like 'www') and a name (like 'Cassie's Blog'). You must accept the terms and conditions of GandiBlog by checking the box on the lower left. Then, click “Activate your blog.”
    (If you chose the 'www' subdomain, on the following screen you will be prompted to confirm the update to your zone file. Be sure to click “Submit.”)
  5. Your blog will take a few minutes to be activated. Once it's active, you can make some customizations, or just start writing posts!

The blog address you declared may take up to several hours to become visible on the internet. This is due to the normal DNS propagation delay that occurs whenever an update is made to your domain's zone file. You can start writing entries right away; they just may not be visible for the first few hours of your blog's existence.

To access your blog, go to the domain's control panel, then click “Update” next to “GandiBlog: Active”. On the following screen, click “Manage” which will bring you to a login screen, where you will enter your Gandi handle and password.

Writing the content

You are the proud owner of a brand new GandiBlog, and you have plenty of things to say or show? It's time for your first entry.

Click the First entry link in the left-hand column:

A new page opens with a few fields. Compulsory fields have an asterisk next to them. Here we have 2 compulsory fields, Title and Content:

The strip above the content fields allows you to refine the layout (bold, italic…), insert a link, an image…

Fill in the title and content fields. Once this is done, click the Preview button to check your entry:

You'll notice a new tab called Entry preview will have appeared by the Edit entry tab:

Click the Edit entry tab if you need to make any modifications. Then click the save button to create the entry:

The page is reloaded, along with a message telling you that it went OK:

You now have an entry saved (but not yet published).

How to publish it?

If you possess the rights to do so, you can publish (put online) the entry. It will then be accessible to your users.

Still on the same page, you'll find, to the right of the entry fields, a little scrolling list which indicates the entry's present status:

To change this status, just select “published” from the list:

Then don't forget to save the entry by hitting the save button:

Congratulations, your first entry is now online!

Last modified: 03/05/2013 at 07:10 by Billy Singh