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Here you will find all the documentation pertaining to our online website creation service, Gandi SiteMaker.

We are frequently asked what is the difference between Gandi Site and SiteMaker:

Gandi Site: Allows for display on all platforms as it uses HTML5. For the Professional and Business packs, you have the ability to edit your HTML code and the CSS stylesheet of your pages. You can therefore add bits to you code, or compatible widgets to your site. Gandi Site also allows you to create and publish a mobile version of your website specifically tailored for mobile devices if you subscribe to the “Business” pack.

SiteMaker: Currently does not display the normal website on iPhones, iPads or iPods since it requires that the platform works with Adobe Flash. It does not have a mobile version available

There is no relationship between Gandi Sitemaker, Gandi's Simple Hosting service, and Gandi's VPS cloud hosting service. Therefore, you do not purchase a share from our VPS hosting service or an instance of Simple Hosting in order to “host” your Sitemaker website. Your Sitemaker website is automatically hosted by Gandi.

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