Viewing your Simple Hosting instance's statistics

Gandi provides you with 2 ways of viewing your Simple Hosting instance's statistics: through a graphical interface and a text interface.

Graphical interface

You can view the statistics of your instances on your Gandi interface by going to the “Services” tab, then “Simple Hosting”, followed by “Statistics”.

On this page, you may view statistics on CPU, RAM, disk space, and network interfaces. The interface will allow you to select statistics of several instances so that you can compare them side-by-side, even if they are in different datacenters. If you move your mouse cursor over the graphs, you will see more information about the particular values. The statistics are currently gathered every 5 minutes.

It provides you with information concerning processor, disk, and network usage. You can adjust the timescale to be hourly, daily, or monthly.

You have the possibility of using our API directly in order to recover the data and generate your own statistics. For more information on this, please consult our API documentation.

Text interface

This one is not really an interface, in the sense that you cannot interact with it. It is better described as a collection of pages that give you information about the processes that are running or on your storage capacity.

This information is complementary and different than what is provided by the graphic interfaces which are accessible via your instance's administration page. The administration page of your instance is accessible via your instance's control panel at Gandi or directly at your admin URL:

Where xxxxxx is replaced by the unique number of your instance.

The instance admin page

The Disk section will tell you the total storage space available for your instance, as well as the space that is still available.

In the Apache section, it is the Apache status link that will provide you with the statistics concerning the use of Apache, with many indicators commonly used by system administrators.

Some of the more useful statistics can be found on the first part of the first page:

  • Server uptime: This is the time that has passed since the last reboot of the server (in our example, the server has been “up” for 2 days, 18 hours, 35 minutes, and 17 seconds).
  • Total accesses: The total number of accesses since the server's starting (in our example, only 107 accesses have occurred).
  • Total Traffic: The total traffic delivered by the server since its starting (in our example, 970 kB have been delivered).
  • CPU Usage: This is the amount of processor use based on a total of 100%. If the value is below 1%, then 0 is not expressed, and you see a value like .0433% then you know that you have a very low CPU use.
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