Renewing your Simple Hosting instance

If you would like to keep your instance, you must renew it before the expiration date indicated on its control panel.

When you renew your instance, you can decide to do it on a monthly or annual basis.

In the event of a yearly commitment, you cannot release your instance before its expiration date.

You can renew your instance in two different places.

  • The list of your instances

From this list, you can also see all of your various instances and rapidly see which ones are close to the same expiration date as the one you are going to renew, as well as which ones have automatic renewal set up on.

To renew an instance from this list, simply click on the little arrow icon .

  • The instance's control panel

In the upper part of your instance's control panel, you'll find information concerning the expiration date as well as a link that you can use to renew your instance.

The arrow that you previously saw also works as a link and goes to the same page.

In both cases, you will arrive at the following renewal page, which will let you choose between an annual or monthly renewal.

You will also be asked to renew additional disk quota that you may have attached to this instance for the same period (an instance cannot run without its disk).

Of course, you will need to accept Gandi's contracts, and then choose a form of payment. Just follow the prompts.

Automatic renewal

Just like with the majority of Gandi products, automatic renewal of your instance is also possible.

If it is activated, the script will automatically renew your instance 3 days prior to its expiration date as long as your prepaid account has sufficient credit to pay for the renewal.

To activate automatic renewal on your instance, just click on désactivé and then accept its activation. When the script is active on a product, the icon is green like this:

If automatic renewal is not active, the instance will be unavailable (paused) upon its expiration date, and will be automatically deleted 15 days later (configuration and data).

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