What extensions to offer to your customers?

Whether you use Gandi's website or our API (http://doc.rpc.gandi.net), you may resell all of the domains we offer to your customers. This being said, some of the extensions (mainly the general top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, are easier than others to manage.

You can see the specific rules for each extension, directly on our website. For example if you want to see the attribution rules for .fr domains, you would go to https://www.gandi.net/domaine/fr/info. You can also see the rules of each extension by clicking on them directly from our prices page at https://www.gandi.net/domain/price/info

The table below presents a non-exhaustive list of the restrictions that are in place for some popular extensions.

ExtensionType of restrictionNotes
.AEROcontactOnly people and companies in the aeronautical sector are authorized to register a domain.
.CAcontact.CA is open to those with a link to Canada, in conformity with the Registry's Canadian presence requirements applicable to domain owners.
.CATcontentThe extension is open to everyone, though the site web must have at least one section in the Catalan language within 6 months.
.CNlocation and contactThis extension requires the sending of documents to the registry that allows them to identify the owner of the domain name
.COOPcontactThis extension is only open to co-operatives.
.EUlocationYou must have an address in one of the 27 member states of the European Union.
.EScontact or contentThe extension is open to everyone, as long as they have a connection to Spain.
.FR, .RE, .YT, .PM, .WF,.TF location and contact The extension is open to organizations and individuals over 18 that are located in the European Economic Area as well as Switzerland. Individuals must indicate their birth date. It is recommended that organizations provide their registration number (Inter-community VAT, SIREN, WALDEC, DUNS, etc.) to facilitate verification procedures that AFNIC may engage later. The same eligibility conditions are applicable to the Administrative Contact.
.FIlocationThe extension is open to individuals living in Finland, and a Finnish personal identification number, and to organizations or sole proprietorships registered in Finland.
.ITlocationYou must have a valid address in one of the 27 member states of the European Union.
.NAMEdomain nameThe domain name must correspond to a personal or pen name to which the owner has rights.
.NOlocation and contactThe extension is open to companies and organizations registered and located in Norway. The administrative and technical contacts must also be in Norway.
.PROcontactThe extension is only open to organizations.
.RUlocation and contact.RU is restricted to non-Russian organizations and individuals. Individuals should provide their passport number, its issue date and the issuing authority (including country) and their birthdate. Legal persons should indicate their incorporation number. The address associated with the Gandi account must correspond to the owner's legal address.
.TELcontentThe extension can not be used to publish a website.
.TRAVELcontactOnly companies in the travel sector are authorized to register a domain.
.TWcontentThe domain name must be register for professional purposes.
.UScontact or content.US domains are open to individuals with a connection to the Unites States of America (nationality, address or activity in the US).
.XXXcontactThe registration domains in this extension is open to all, but the activation of a domain in this extension requires validation by the registry that the owner is a member of the adult entertainment industry).
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