Gandi AI interface

With the help of the Gandi AI interface, you will be able to manage all aspects of your VPS directly from the control panel. You can modify the resources used by a server, configure the modules installed on it and install/remove modules.

AI virtual server management

The management page of your VPS is available from the hosting account after clicking on the server name you want to configure.

Here are the elements of this page :

  • VPS informations

  • Resources used

  • System configuration

  • Statistics

  • Disk & backup management

AI server configuration

From the “system configuration” section, on the VPS management page, you can reach the configuration of the technical parameters, click on the “manage Gandi AI” link.

You have a technical résumé of the installed modules on your AI VPS.

Here are the options of this page :

1. Configure my server : Link to the module/server management page.

2. Show the configuration : Get a sample from the current configuration.

3. Export in XML : You can export the configuration in XML with this link, to make a backup or to import it on another VPS.

4. Import the XML configuration : Import the XML configuration from a server to another to get the same configuration.

5. Name & Version : Name & version of the installed modules.

6. Statut : Status of each module.

7. Actions : Available actions on the modules, configuration or uninstall.

8. Install new modules : This link provides a page of the rest of uninstalled modules to install some of them.

Import & export of the XML configuration

When you configure your VPS after modifying the modules, the Gandi agent (program) do the wanted changes, it creates a backup of the XML configuration that you can download.

You can export the configuration of your VPS in XML, it contains all necessary parameters to configure each module installed currently on your VPS. If you create a new VPS and import it, it will receive the exact & same configuration.

If you have a problem on a VPS, if you kept the data disk on which the modules are configured, you may just create a new VPS, attach the old data disk and import the XML configuration, the VPS will be the same after the operation is complete.

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