Medias and attachments

The Media Manager, accessible from the left-hand administration menu, allows you to add, remove, and organize all your media (images, sounds, video sequences, texts…) and attach them to entries.

Creating a sub-directory

The icon located next to New directory enables you to create a new sub-directory and give it a name.

You can create several sub-directories at all levels of the tree view.

Adding a file

Browse through the sub-directories until you reach the one in which you wish to add a file, and click the icon in front of Add files.

The fields displayed allow you to:

  • choose a file on your hard drive to be uploaded among your media.
  • give a title to this file: by default, the manager will fill in this field but you can edit it (or do so later).
  • tick the “Private” box if you wish to be the only writer with access to this file from the blog's administration.

A file marked as private is still accessible as a URL is known. It just won't be visible until you make it public.

Modifying or completing a file's information

From the media manager, browse the tree view until you reach the file and click on its icon or its title. A form with the necessary fields for modifying diverse informations will appear.

From this panel, you can also move a file by selecting the location you want it to be moved to in the New directory scrolling menu.

Finally, you can also replace one file by another.

Make sure you click Save to submit your changes.

Adding files directly

If you have direct access to your media folder (by FTP for example), you can add a file directly without going through the media manager. Once the files have been dropped, they will be visible in your Media Manager, just like if you had uploaded them using the web interface.

Particular file types


When you add an image to your media, several miniatures are created:

  • square : A 48 pixel tall square.
  • thumbnail : Image reduced to 100 pixels on its largest side.
  • small : Image reduced to 240 pixels on its largest side.
  • medium : Image reduced to 448 pixels on its largest side.

If the image is of JPEG type and possesses EXIF, PTC or XMP informations, these will be read and registered.

If you are used to giving a title to your images with specialized tools, these will be used as the title when you drop the image into your media.

MP3 Files

MP3 files can be immediately listened to from your web interface thanks to a little Flash reader (you therefore need the latter in order to benefit from this function).


You can attach files to any existing entry. Using the entry editing interface, click the Add files to this entry link in the right-hand menu. The media manager will open, enabling you to choose the file you wish to attach to your entry. During this phase, you can edit or add files to your media easily.

To add a file to your entry, simply click the icon of the file.

To remove an attachment, click the icon. Please note that the file will not be deleted from your media.

Any file attached to an entry will be presented as its annex in syndication feeds. If the file is an MP3, you'll have what is called a Podcast!

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