To manage your list of links, click the Blogroll link from the left-hand administration menu.

The page for adding links contains four tabs, Blogroll, Add a link, Add a category and Import links.

The links already saved are presented as a list, whose order can be modified by clicking and dragging elements (the “handle” is at the very left of each line), and then clicking Save order at the bottom of the list.

If javascript is disabled, the “handles” will be replace by fields containing numeric values which correspond to each link's order in the list. You can replace these values by the ones of your choice before clicking Save order to submit.

To delete one or more links, select them by ticking their box and clicking the Delete selected links button.

Under the Add a link tab, four links enable you to provide the name you wish to see displayed, the URL to which the link should point, a description and the link's language.

  • The Title and URL fields are mandatory.
  • The URL must be complete:, rather than
  • The Description field will be displayed as a little label (tooltip) when the cursor hovers over the link.
  • The Language field (usually presented as abbreviations such as en, fr, it etc) will come after the link titles if your browser supports this property (which is the case for modern web browsers, but not for Internet Explorer…).

Adding a category

This panel allows you to create link categories. You can then drag-and-drop any given link into categories and then save the settings.


The blogroll management enables you to enrich the links with XFN information. To open a link's XFN form, click on its name when in the Blogroll tab.

Importing an OPML or XBEL file

If you use an aggregator which can provide an OPML or XBEL file, you can import it. Click the Import links tab, choose an OPML or XBEL on your hard drive and click the import button. The links found in the file will then be listed. Tick the ones you wish to add to your blogroll and click import.

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