Management of an instance's disk space

The process of releasing quota is not in place yet. Therefore, you currently cannot release disk quota. This means is that you will have to keep any extra disk quota you purchase until we have implemented the secure quota release process.
In the meantime, as a workaround, you could create a new instance with a standard quota and copy the content over.

Increase disk capacity

If you would like to have more space for your instance, you can increase the size of the attached hard disk.

Increasing the size of your disk is done by purchasing addition disk quota, which will then be automatically added to the size of your instance disk. Therefore, the process must be carried out from within the instance whose size you are trying to increase, and not from another instance!

On the instance management screen, in the Information section, click “Change” next to “Disk space”.

The following Modification screen allows you to change both the total disk space and the size of the instance.

Note that the size of the instance relates to the machine's power and the number of simultaneous processes that it can serve, not the disk space.

The disk space displayed in the interface represents your total available space, including the 20 GB the instance comes with.

The maximum size of a disk linked to an instance is 1 TB (1000 GB).

You can increase the size of your disk by entering the number of Gigs directly or by using the + button on the side.

Just click Submit, then complete the payment process. The operation to add disk quota will complete automatically within a few moments.

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