Orders in progress

The hosting interface allows you to follow each operation done on your VPS.

When a modification of your VPS occurs, the Gandi agent performs the operations that you requested, then informs you of the status of the operation in this section of your hosting account.

How are operations carried out?

The Gandi agent works as a daemon on port 842 of your VPS. He is listening for operation requests sent by our system that should be done on the VPS.

As you do not have root rights in Gandi AI mode, when you submit a configuration update from the control panel, the Gandi agent will make the necessary changes for you on the VPS.

There are two types of operations: adding/releasing of resources & the configuration of modules.

Modification of resources

The operations which are modifying the VPS power are related to the Xen hypervisor which is in charge of the allocation of the resources to each VPS in our datacenters for this virtualized platform.

Those operations can be done while the server is running, as most of them will not need a reboot, unless you are making major changes (such as adding GB of RAM).

It is interesting to note that the Xen hypervisor makes it possible to transfer a VPS from one physical node to another, whether it is running or not.
It may request a VPS transfer from node to node if the requested resources are too big for the current physical node.

Modification of modules

The configuration of the modules are executed by Gandi agent directly on your VPS as they are installed on its disks.

Following the operations in progress

You may see the currently running operations in the control panel, the delay before they will be completed, etc.

Operations in error

With the blue arrow, you will be able to relaunch the operation which had previously failed after correcting the error.

The red 'X' allows you to cancel the operation if no longer needed.

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