Blog settings

If your rights allow you to, the Blog settings page should display two tabs: Parameters and Users.

Depending on the rights you possess, you may have access to just some of the settings described here.

Blog details

Blog name

This field allows you to define or change the blog title. It can be modified at all times.

Blog description

The blog description is displayed among the infos displayed in RSS feeds, and on your blog itself if the theme you are using is programmed that way.

Blog configuration

Default language

This is the blog's default language, as well as the default language for your entries.

This setting allows you to change the blog's public interface if the translation is available. Gandi Blog currently offers English and French. Spanish, Polish and Catalan are available too, with some phrases missing.

Accept comments / Accept trackbacks

Unticking the relevant box will disable comments and/or trackbacks on your blog.

While you can disable comments and/or trackbacks on a specific entry although they are globally accepted, you cannot do the opposite and only accept comments and/or trackbacks on a specific entry if your general settings disable them.

Blog timezone / Date format / Time format

These three settings determine the timezone by which the entries and comments will be dated and horodated. Contextual help located next to the Date format and Time format will help you decide on the date's display aspects (short date or long, etc). You can also consult the official PHP documentation on the matter.

Other options are available, click the icon to access the online documentation for each element.

Blog presentation

Number of entries per page

Beyond the maximum amount of entries per page as defined in this field, a link to additional pages will be displayed after the last entry of a page.

Display smilies on entries and comments

Replaces smilies in text format by matching images.

Syndication feeds

Three options allow you to refine your syndication feed's distribution:

  • choosing the number of entries
  • choosing the number of comments
  • if the entries should be truncated or not


Don't forget to submit your modifications by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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